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Developer setup

ScrAPD is written in Python and supports multiple platforms. See the instructions below to setup your ScrAPD development environment in Python on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Install the required Python 3 packages

macOS, Linux, and Windows

You will need to install the Python 3 packages invoke and nox (see Installing Python 3 if you don't have Python 3 installed):

pip3 install --user nox invoke

Check that the packages were installed:

inv --list
nix --list

Setup the local dev environment

Setup a local dev environment (run the commands below in the scrapd folder):

macOS and Linux

source venv/bin/activate



Run the CI tasks

MacOS, Linux, and Windows

Run the CI tasks locally:

inv nox -s ci

Use inv --list and inv nox to see all the available targets.

The nox tasks can be invoked by running either:

inv nox -s {task}

for instance inv nox -s test, or directly with nox -s test