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Learning resources

Sometimes people are afraid to tackle a task or join a project because they think they do not have the appropriate knowledge. While it might sometimes be true, we, at Scrapd, consider our projects as the best opportunity to learn! And to make it easier for you to learn the ropes, we compiled the best resources!


Let's start with the fundamentals!


The "Really friendly intro to the command line" is a must read/watch for beginners! While targeted for Mac users, it may help others as well. It comes with a nice illustrated support and a video.

Enjoy this online class which will demistify the terminal in just 40 minutes!

An interactive tutorial that will reconcile you with the terminal.

A tutorial divided in 13 sections to bring you from newbie to moderate wizard.


Learn git and GitHub using the GitHub Learning Lab.

Become a git guru with Atlassian.


Now that you leveled up, let's bring some fun!


Completely new to Python? Let Real Python help you learn everything about it.

From zero to Hero with Dive Into Python 3. This book covers all the facets of python, from writing a simple program, to using REST APIs, via unit tests.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! is also a classic. An opiniated handbook which aims at making you a python expert.


A bed time story to learn kubernetes: The illustrated childrens guide to Kubernetes.


"I'm here to serve you master."



At some point, your application will grow and you will need to trim a little. When time comes, this refactoring guide will prove handy.


A small book of Python anti-patterns and worst practices. Learn them to avoid them!